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Research Operations Office


Published on Fri, 12/01/2018 - 16:28

The annual submission period for RCUK, CRUK, NIHR, NC3R’s and BHF is 5th February to 4pm on 15th March during which PIs need to use their Researchfish account to make a return. To help with this process, research outputs entered into Symplectic Elements will be uploaded to Researchfish on a weekly basis up until Friday 26th January.

After this date, Symplectic Elements will not be linked to Researchfish and any additional inputs will need to be made into Researchfish directly during the submission period. Therefore please encourage PIs to include their research outputs into Symplectic Elements before 26th January, as this will help them during the submission period as their data will have been preloaded into Researchfish when they have to submit their return.

Note that the research outputs being uploaded from Symplectic Elements to Researchfish are journal articles, conference proceedings and book chapters where they have a unique identifier (i.e. DOI).

More details about the annual submission process on Researchfish can be found at the Research Operations Office website and information about Symplectic Elements is available from the Research Strategy Office.