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Published on Fri, 31/07/2020 - 15:36

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) has launched an open consultation to inform their Review of the PhD in the Social Sciences. Through the consultation they want to capture views on the strengths and limitations of current doctoral study from within and outside of the social sciences. ESRC is particularly interested in examples from existing experience, the learning from trials of new or innovative approaches, and views of areas where change would be beneficial to enhance skills and ensure doctoral graduates are fully prepared for a range of future careers with their health and wellbeing safeguarded.  

ESRC would like to hear from a diverse range of stakeholders and are seeking the views from all members of the research community, learned societies, government, business, third-sector organisations and others who have an interest in the future skills needed by social science PhD students. The findings of this review will directly inform the ESRC’s strategy for doctoral training and for recommissioning our Doctoral Training Partnerships in 2022/23. Alongside the launch of this consultation, ESRC is also publishing a comprehensive assessment of existing research evidence on the structure, funding and assessment of social science doctoral training.

The institutional response is coordinated by University’s ESRC DTP and they will contact all 26 participating departments with social science research. Please send your observations and comments to no later than Friday 28th August 2020. ESRC also welcome responses from individual PIs, groups of PIs, centres and institutes which can go directly to ESRC by Wednesday 16th September 2020.