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Research Operations Office


Published on Tue, 21/04/2015 - 12:23

There have been a number of queries relating to ROS and the submission of data. The current situation is summarised below. Further Bulletins will be issued if there are any additional developments.

  • ROS was adopted by AHRC, BBSRC, EPSRC and ESRC in November 2011.

  • NERC has declared its intention to adopt ROS for future data gathering.

  • MRC and STFC continue to use e-Val.

  • ROS can be accessed at using JeS login details.

  • Research outcomes will be gathered for all grants that have ended since 1st April 2006.

  • The initial data gathering exercise will focus on Key Findings, Publications/Other Research Outputs and Impact.

  • RCUK have recognised the challenges experienced in adopting this new process and have recently announced that the deadline for submissions has been extended to 30th April 2012.
    See —

  • ROS is available all year round for submitting research outcomes, but an annual exercise will be conducted every January to March in order to encourage submissions. For the first collection period outcomes should be submitted for grants that are currently in ROS and:

      • started more than 12 months ago, or
      • have ended, but a final report has not been submitted,
      • or a final report has been submitted and relevant information has been transferred to ROS by a Research Council.
  • RCUK have stated that ‘The Research Councils are working to transfer all relevant final report information into ROS. If grant holders have already completed a final report, we are advising them to wait until that information is in ROS before adding any new or additional outcomes. Individual Research Councils will contact grant holders when this information is ready to review in ROS.’ This includes information from e-Val, where PIs have reported one or more instances of further funding with other Research Councils.

  • EPSRC have recently advised that this information has been loaded, but that some was not directly map-able or was incorrectly entered into the FSR. They have asked PIs to check that information is correct and to input additional findings
    — See

  • The Research Office has obtained a list of PIs who are required to input information into ROS from RCUK. This list will be circulated to departments to assist in ensuring that all PIs input data by the deadline.

  • Staff no longer at Cambridge: please inform the Research Office of any staff who are no longer at Cambridge. This information will be passed on to RCUK.

  • Final Reports and Sanctions:

      • EPSRC have stated that ROS will eventually replace FSRs on JeS.  Sanctions will be applied in the same way as they currently are for FSRs (i.e. if not completed within 3 months of the end of the grant).
      • EPSRC state that ‘In the short term it will remain a grant condition that a Final Report should be submitted within three months of the end date of the grant: however, to minimize any temporary duplication of reporting effort EPSRC will accept 'data-lite' Final Reports.’ EPSRC will be monitoring ROS submissions to ensure that acceptable levels of information are being provided where such 'data-lite' Je-S Final Reports are received. Sanctions will be applied for late submissions.Click here for a recent update
      • Sanctions will NOT be applied to grants that have already closed and for which FSRs have been submitted.
      • AHRC state that ‘The AHRC no longer requires award holders to complete a Final Report at the end of their award. Instead, award holders are expected to update the Research Outcomes System (ROS) with details of the outputs, outcomes and impacts of their research. Award holders will be sent information about ROS during the award period and will receive annual reminders.’ Please see the AHRC Research Funding Guide
      • ESRC will contact grant holders three months before the Final report is due and outline to process.
      • BBSRC grant holders must still submit Final Reports in the normal way, but should not duplicate information which they have loaded into ROS.
  • The Research Office will be gathering constructive comments on the use of ROS to feed back to RCUK once the first data gathering exercise is complete.

Please contact your Research Support Manager in your School Team if you have any questions or comments.