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Research Operations Office


Published on Fri, 28/09/2018 - 15:35

Please circulate the following bulletin item to Department Colleagues as required.

The Research Policy Committee’s decision to make changes to research grant applications deadlines that are sent to the Research Operations Office (ROO) come into place next week. That means funders who have a deadline from 10th October 2018 onwards will be part of the new process. Further details about the new arrangements are available on the ROO website including


Example - if the funder deadline is Wednesday 24th October at 3pm, you will need to send your application to ROO by the following dates

2 stage check

  • No later than Monday 15th October at 3pm (7 working days) comprising of fully submitted X5, JoR, budget tables
  • No Later than Tuesday 23rd October at 3pm (1 working day) including full technical application (and ROO approved X5, JoR, budget tables)


1 stage check

  • No later than Wednesday 17th October at 3pm (5 working days) for the full application


Applications that miss the ROO deadlines will not be submitted to the funder. In exceptional circumstances a PI can ask their Head of Department to consider initiating the late application process. Small Applications up to £250,000 fEC which have no exceptions e.g. collaborator, sub-contracting etc. can be checked by the Department and sent to ROO at least 1 working day before the funder deadline.  For open calls where a PI requests that the application is submitted for a particular panel meeting, the 7 or 5 working day deadline needs to be met.  

In addition to the above deadlines, some Departments have their own internal procedures which should be observed.