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Research Operations Office


Published on Wed, 10/06/2020 - 18:44

All health related research (involving human participants, their data or tissue) carried out overseas, needs ethical approval from the country in which research will take place. Additionally, confirmation from the University of Cambridge research ethics that the standards for ethical review have been met will be required. The process of obtaining overseas ethical approval can be lengthy, and some countries may require additional approvals such as research permits. Therefore, expected timelines for gaining approvals will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Please be aware that your project may need an insurance premium and this must be costed in your application. Additionally, some overseas ethics committees charge fees for independent ethical review, and the translation of study documents may incur costs to the research project if required.

For international health-related projects in all schools, please get confirmation from the Clinical School Research Governance Office regarding sponsorship and required regulatory approvals for your project. Contact Jane Gaffa or

The School of Clinical Medicine’s Undertaking International Research page offers information about sponsorship requirements, from pre-ward to study set up for studies carried overseas.