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Research Operations Office


Published on Fri, 19/02/2016 - 08:35

Researchfish is a research outcome gathering programme used by an increasing number of funders. For essential information and guidance please refer to the Researchfish section of the ROO website. Outcomes can be entered throughout the year but MUST be submitted during the submission period.


The submission periods for the following funders are now open:

  • RCUK: 1 Feb-10 Mar 2016
  • Cancer Research UK: 1 Feb-10 Mar 2016
  • British Heart Foundation: 1 Feb-10 Mar 2016
  • NC3Rs: 1 Feb-17 Mar 2016
  • National Institute for Health Research: 15 Feb-23 Mar 2016

Please note that for RCUK, CRUK and BHF grants next week we are already half way through the submission period.


The email address is receiving a lot of enquiries from the people who have already started the reporting process, indicating that it is not straight forward and most people need help. Additionally, many requests have to be escalated to funders, which currently receive a high level of enquiries. To avoid any last minute problems we strongly recommend you to start the submission as early as possible.