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Research Operations Office


Published on Fri, 16/12/2022 - 12:52

Due to the Christmas vacation the Research Operations Office (ROO) will close from 5pm on Friday 23rd December 2022 and will re-open on Tuesday 3rd January 2023. Therefore, please be aware of the following deadlines and ensure that your researchers are made aware of these arrangements.

If you have applications with a funder deadline in the first week of January, the 5 working day deadline is before Christmas. For example,

Funder deadline Friday 6th January 2023, 5pm
2 working day deadline Wednesday 4th January 2023, 5pm
5 working day deadline Thursday 22nd December 2022, 5pm

As a reminder, the ROO asks for a minimum of four weeks’ notice of the intention to submit to a particular scheme. Some funders have very short turnaround times which means that it's not always possible to give the ROO four weeks' notice of intention to submit. In these circumstances, please continue to contact us at the earliest opportunity so that we can assess the resource requirements to support the application. Full details of the deadline policy and the application deadline calculator can be found on the ROO website.