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Research Operations Office


This is a final reminder to Departments in advance of the RCUK FAP visit on Monday 23rd to Wednesday 25th November 2015. We have been notified that a further 15 awards will be audited. Departments should ensure that expenditure on all awards (studentships, fellowships and research grants) complies with RCUK Terms and Conditions (see hereby Thursday 19 November. This includes ensuring:


  • All costs are eligible and are charged at the time they are incurred, including:
    • Staff costs: relate to staff working on the grant
    • Consumables: avoid cross-posting expenses from other awards
    • Travel: only for named staff on the grant (and complies with University T&S Policy)
    • Equipment: not purchased in the last 6 months of the award
    • No publication costs (from April 2013)
    • No redundancy costs
  • All student records on JeS have been updated
  • Check eligibility of inclusion of College Fees

A brief document offering guidance on Roles and Responsibilities within Departments can be found here 

The recent FAP Audit Presentation can be found here.

If you have any queries, please contact Sara (