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Published on Tue, 21/04/2015 - 12:23

Gateway to Research (GtR) is an RCUK initiative which centralises information on funded research projects and outcomes into a single website. GtR is currently in a Beta stage until the official launch on the 4th December at the House of Commons, and is accessible here:

GtR contains information on projects which became active after April 2006, and already includes some outcome information submitted in ROS and ResearchFish. The dataset is live and is periodically updated; the last update was 22 July 2013.

RCUK is planning another data refresh during mid-end October 2013.  This will include some additional data fields, not previously published, relating to the following outcome types in ROS:

•         Impact Summary

•         Policy Influence

•         Further Funding

•         Other Research Outputs

•         Collaborations

•         Dissemination

•         Intellectual Property

•         Exploitation Mechanism

Please note that only information formally submitted to the Research Councils will be published.  PIs are responsible for completing their submissions to ROS. Please encourage all PIs in your Department to check the quality of their data, ensuring it is accurate and up to date. They should make any necessary amendments, via ROS, in time for the official release of GtR on 4th December 2013. PIs will need to have made their amendments in ROS by Friday 25th October in order for the changes to appear in the December release of GtR. Amendments submitted in ROS after this date will be published at the beginning of 2014.

For queries relating to the functionality in GtR, including data not being displayed correctly in the GtR portal, please contact

For enquiries relating to updating data via ROS, please contact the ROS helpdesk directly on