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Research Operations Office


Published on Thu, 06/04/2017 - 15:26

The Wellcome Trust has recently updated their guidance for the use of the Charity Open Access Fund (COAF), which supports researchers funded by six partner charities: Arthritis Research UK, Bloodwise, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Parkinson’s UK and the Wellcome Trust. 

This new guidance means that from 1 April 2017, publishers and institutions will need to take additional steps to ensure compliance with the COAF policy, as Article Processing Charges (APCs) for COAF funded research outputs will only be paid to publishers who are compliant with three key service requirements:

  • the final peer-reviewed article must be deposited in PubMed Central (PMC) where it is made freely available at the time of publication. 
  • articles must be published with a Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC BY).
  • at a minimum, publishers must include the article title on APC invoices and have a policy for refunding APC payments when service levels are not met.

COAF-funded researchers in the University have received an email from the Open Access Team in the Office of Scholarly Communication setting out these new requirements and what they need to do need to comply. Find further information about Publisher requirements here.