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Research Operations Office


Published on Fri, 19/05/2017 - 11:10

The Royal Society  has developed a new online Grants Management System to replace e-GAP. The new system is called Flexi-Grant and will run in parallel with e-GAP for the next 18 months until all awards have been migrated across to the new system.

Each month, new schemes will be added to Flexi-Grant with the first being “International Exchanges” where  applicants will need to use the new system to submit their proposals.

There is also going to be a change to the application submission process. The deadline for submitting an application and the completion of support statements from the Head of Department and Nominated Referees will now fall on the same date. This means that the Research Operations Office will not be able to approve an application until the support statements have been provided. Applicants should bear this in mind when coordinating completion of their application prior to submission to ROO.

Further details will be provided at the next RGUG meeting on 23 May and FAQs are available from the Royal Society website