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Published on Tue, 21/04/2015 - 12:23

As part of a drive by RCUK to increase efficiency and effectiveness across research management, there is a need to make greater use of existing equipment and to share this between Universities wherever possible. 

As of 1st May 2011, the guidelines for funding of equipment have been amended, and Universities are now required to check both internally and also with other peer institutions to see if there is an opportunity to share equipment prior to submission of grant applications. Where sharing is not possible, it is likely that only circa 50% of the capital cost of equipment will be funded by the research councils, with the deficit having to be covered by the Universities themselves.

To facilitate this proposed sharing of equipment, Cambridge has been placed in a group alongside Imperial College London, Oxford, University College London & Southampton. Each University has been provided with a separate sum of money to spend on development of their equipment sharing capability.

At Cambridge, an Equipment Sharing Working Group has been formed in order to progress this initiative.

For more information on the Equipment Sharing project and the Cambridge Equipment Sharing Working Group please visit:

For further help please contact your Research Support Advisor/Administrator at the Research Operations Office.