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Published on Fri, 15/05/2020 - 16:56

The EC team will be running a pilot 'EC funding & Covid-19 drop-in session' on Tuesday 19th May, 11:30 - 12:30. The session will start with a brief presentation on the EC's current guidance on the impact of Covid-19 on Horizon 2020 awards, followed by an interactive Q&A. This will be an opportunity to raise concerns related to the current disruption and to share best practices with colleagues. The session will also give the EC team the opportunity to better understand the current challenges and raise questions with the Commission if needed.

Audience: Departmental staff and researchers involved and managing Horizon 2020 awards. Please note that a separate event will be organised for MSCA fellows.  

Date: 19th May, 11:30 -12:30

Location: No pre-registration is required. Please join via the link below: 

If you have any technical issues on the day, please contact