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Research Operations Office


Published on Tue, 21/04/2015 - 12:23

Following on from last year’s successful sign up to ARMA (Association of Research Managers and Administrators in the UK), the Research Office would like to invite departmental staff with a direct responsibility for research grant administration to consider joining ARMA for 2011-2012.

ARMA is the professional association for research managers and administrators in the UK. Members work in a variety of organisations, including universities, funding bodies, the NHS and independent research organisations, as well as organisations providing services to research support offices. Their activities are focused on encouraging professional development and networking amongst research managers and administrators.

To keep members up to date with developments in the field, ARMA provides training and information events, including an annual Conference, a series of one-day seminars, a structured programme of training courses and short Study Tours. It also supports the exchange of knowledge and best practice through focused Discussion Groups and a number of email lists.

New Members: how to join

If you wish to join ARMA, then please join via their website but please DO NOT generate an invoice as the University qualifies for a group discount.

Once you have joined online, please send your name and email address to, who will add you to the group list and generate a group invoice for all University members in April 2011.

Existing Members: what to do 

If you are an existing member, you will automatically be registered for 2011 – 2012, but if you no longer wish to be a member, please contact Hannah (details above).

The deadline for signing up or cancelling your membership is Wednesday 10 March 2011.

Please note that only the subscription charge will be met by the University, additional fees for training and events will need to be met by the member themselves or their Department.