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Published on Tue, 21/04/2015 - 12:23

In order to incentivise the amount of PI time recovered through RCUK grants the Resource Management Committee agreed (also confirmed with the RPC) that the attribution of the PI time element of residual indirect income (income remaining after direct costs have been met) should change from a 86%:14% Chest:Department share to a revised attribution of 70:30 Chest:Department.

The policy change has been made on condition that one third of the Department share directly benefits the work of the investigator. How that benefit is managed is at the discretion of Heads of Department. In some cases, Heads of Department may wish to allocate the funds directly to the PI, but this is not a requirement. Departments are, however, encouraged to ensure that the benefit to PIs is clear and demonstrable and understood by PIs. A process is being put in place to ensure this policy change is introduced without additional analysis needing to be carried out by Department Administrative staff.

This change applies to all grants awarded in relation to RCUK applications submitted from 1 August 2013 and will run for two years. It will not affect grants applied for earlier than 1 August 2013 and the change only relates to RCUK grants. As before, all direct costs are to be met before the revised attribution is made to the remaining income.

Letters are to be sent to Departments and PIs later this month setting out the change in policy. This information is also available on the PRAO website at

 These changes will be a topic of a more detailed discussion at the RGUG meeting on 26th November.  Please contact or if you have any immediate questions.