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Published on Tue, 21/04/2015 - 12:23

You will be aware that from September 2014 all Research Councils will use Researchfish ( to report research outcomes. Funders have different submission periods which are as follows -

•             British Heart Foundation submission period runs 1st October to 1st December

•             CRUK submission period runs 14th October to 3pm on 20th November

•             Research Council’s submission period runs 16th October to 13th November

PIs are responsible for submitting their returns on Researchfish, although they can delegate some of the data inputting to support staff. During September PIs will have received an e-mail from Researchfish with details of how to register on the system to enable them to input their data.


A harmonised sanctions policy for all Councils has been agreed. Councils other than MRC will not apply sanctions this year, but anticipate applying the policy from 2015. Sanctions will apply to grant holders who do not make a submission to the relevant Research Council each year (i.e. a declaration of what outcomes and outputs, if any, have been achieved). Full details of RCUK’s policy can be found here


To assist PIs and Departmental Administrators in using the software, ResearchFish will be delivering workshops on Monday 20 October to demonstrate the system. There will be separate sessions for PIs/their delegates and another for Departmental Administrators. The PI session will include a demonstration of how to add outputs, submit data and Q&A. The Departmental Administrator session will include a demonstration of how to track submissions, download submitted data and Q&A.

The sessions are scheduled for -

Clinical School Seminar Room 2

•             9am - 10am: PIs & their delegates

•             10am – 11am: Departmental Administrators

Mill Lane Lecture Rooms, Room 6

•             12pm – 1pm: PIs & their delegates

•             1pm – 2pm: Departmental Administrators

Hauser Forum, West Cambridge

•             3pm – 4pm: PIs & their delegates

•             4pm – 5pm: Departmental Administrators

To register your place, please e-mail  with your name, job title and department - indicating which session you would like to attend as spaces are limited.