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Published on Tue, 21/04/2015 - 12:23

There are a number of issues to draw to your attention following the extremely well attended ResearchFish workshops on Monday 20 October:

 Type of roles in ResearchFish

  • PI: you will have received an invitation from your funder with a link to register with ResearchFish.
  • Delegate: each PI can nominate one or more delegates to enter information on his or her behalf. This must be done on a grant by grant basis. The PI is still responsible for making the final submission.
  • Research Team: Co-Investigators on an award can be invited to join a Research Team by the PI of that Award. This will enable Co-Is to contribute by inputting the outcomes of the Award. This must be done on a grant by grant basis. The PI is still responsible for making the final submission.
  • Node Administrator: this is a read-only functionality that will allow Node Administrators to monitor submissions from PIs in their Department. It does not allow editing of outcomes. Node Administrators will have received an email inviting them to register with ResearchFish. Requests for additional Node Administrators should be made through the normal Departmental Delegated Authority routes, and accompanied by confirmation from the Head of Department or the Departmental Administrator to

 Open Submission Periods in ResearchFish

  • There are currently 10 Funders with open submission periods in ResearchFish. These include:
    • All seven Research Councils – AHRC, BBSRC, ESRC, EPSRC, NERC, MRC and STFC (Deadline: 13 November 2014)
    • Cancer Research UK (Deadline: 20 November 2014)
    • British Heart Foundation (Deadline: 1 December 2014)
  •  Interoperability: it is not currently possible to upload Outcomes from Symplectic into ResearchFish. Cambridge is involved in discussions exploring the possibility of improved interoperability between ResearchFish and Symplectic. For the time being publication data (e.g. DOI, ISBN, PMID) can be downloaded from Symplectic and copied into ResearchFish.
  •  Compatible data from ROS has already been migrated to ResearchFish and no further data will be migrated.

 RCUK Response Codes in ResearchFish

  • Code 1 - A submission is expected this year.
  • Code 2 - No submission is expected this year because the PI has a one year exemption as a result of long term leave e.g. maternity/paternity.
  • Code 3 - No further submissions are expected against this grant – the PI is retired/no longer active in research and the grant ended more than five years ago.
  • Code 4 - The PI is expected to make a submission, but is no longer at your organisation. This grant does not contribute to your organisation’s compliance statistics and you are not expected to follow up with them.

 Checking Accuracy of Information on ResearchFish

  • If incorrect information appears on any RCUK Award in ResearchFish, you should e-mail who will liaise with RCUK to update the information.  Please do not contact RCUK directly. It is only the Institutional Contact Person who is able to liaise with RCUK.
  •  PIs and Node Administrators are asked to check that the response code is correct on their awards. In particular, there may be awards with a Response Code 1 where the:
    • PI in not at Cambridge
    • PI has retired
    • PI is not maternity/sick leave

 If the wrong response code has been allocated, please email who will liaise with RCUK to allocate the right code.

 Help and reminders

  • Any PIs or their delegates who missed the workshops on 20th October can register for one of the weekly webinars hosted by ResearchFish
  • There is also a tutorial video to show you how to use ResearchFish
  • Communication: RCUK has indicated that an email reminding PIs to complete their submission will be sent to PIs on 30 October, 7 November and 12 November.
  • RCUK has produced Q&As following their roadshows which is available here