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Support for Cambridge ERC Applicants and Grantees

The University of Cambridge has extensive experience of managing ERC grants. The University was awarded over 130 ERC grants during FP7 and in 2017 was the  most frquently funded beneficiary of ERC grants within Horizon 2020. The University has a dedicated ERC Officer who provides support to ERC applicants and grantees throughout the life time of their project and the Research Operations Office offers the following additional services relating to ERC grants:

  • Workshops and information sessions on the ERC's programme
  • Pre-submission proposal checks and advice
  • One-to-one advice and query resolution
  • Advice prior to interviews for Starting and Consolidator applicants
  • Administrative support during the grant preparation phase
  • Presenting on EC Rules and Regulations at Project Kick-off meetings
  • Maintaining records of the project finances
  • Assistance with contract amendments
  • Advice relating to the preparation of Project reports

Further Guidance and Information

For more detailed information and guidance relating to the preparation of a new proposal or managing your grant, please contact Francesca Nieto either by email or on +44 (0) 1223 335501.



Contact the Research Operations Office European Team:

Assistant Director for Biological Sciences & EU Matters

Renata Schaeffer

Tel: 01223 761648

European & International Policy Manager 

Laura Carletti

Tel: 01223 748098

EC Coordinator Grants Manager

Catherine Hill

Tel: 01223 761647

European & International Research Facilitator - ERC Matters 

Francesca Nieto

Tel: 01223 335501

Senior EC Support Advisor - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Matters

Peter Martin

Tel: 01223 763141 

EC Research Support Advisors - Financial Matters

Pasquale Raiola

Tel: 01223 766736