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The EC shall make an initial pre-financing payment. Interim payments of the Community financial contribution shall be made corresponding to the amount accepted for each financial management reporting period. The total amount of pre-financing shall not exceed 90% of the maximum Community financial contribution so the full budget will not be received until the end of the project.


Each type of Marie Curie award has differing eligible expenditure and reporting requirements. Please select your type of award below for details on the calculation of your EC budget and how this appears in the University Financial System (UFS) budget.

There are nine EC budget categories for Marie Curie ITN awards. The EC refer to these as ‘Eligible Expenses’ and make up the Community Contribution.

Contact the Research Operations Office European Team:

European Policy Manager
Renata Schaeffer
Tel: 01223 761648

EC Coordinator Grants Manager
Catherine Hill
Tel: 01223 761647

ERC Officer (Maternity Cover)
Sara Imarisio 
Tel: 01223 765418


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