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Research Operations Office


Please be advised that X5 has been updated with the new MRF/SRF rates for 2017 as of 1st February 2017. Users of X5 are advised to update their costings (go to the Rates Tab / Facilities Rates File / select 01/02/2017 and Save).  


  • the funder budget heading amounts in the Facilities tab have been removed and will need to be re-entered
  • facilities using ‘Variable rates’ have defaulted to 0.01. You will need to change this figure back to your previously agreed rate
  • facilities that are no longer available should be replaced by a new or similar facility.  Failure to do so will result in you being unable to Validate or Save your Costing


Should you have any queries related to the updates, please contact your Research Support Advisor at the Research Operations Office.

Wednesday, 1 February, 2017 - 07:15